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[movies]Navarro_State - Navarro
Journey through Navarro's "natural" sweet environnement of sounds and melodies, minimal and ambient. Another trial to make it possible to extract one from the weight and the inertia of a sometimes heavy and tedious daily routine, search of poetry and appeasing in our high-speed consumer society.
Keywords: Navarro, EKO STD, State, Video
Downloads: 216
[audio]Navarro EKO STD - Navarro
Keywords: Ambient
Downloads: 2,495
[audio]Navarro - Medium [ARCH007] - Navarro
Archipel introduce you to the first release of a serie of 3 who will focus on ambient material the label has received. Navarro, who's real name is Alexandre Navarro has a strong educated background in music. His compositions have been featured worldwide in certain art exhibits. He currently resides in Paris, France, where he focuses on creating intricate melodies and sounds always in his own unique style...
Keywords: Ambient
Downloads: 9,386
[audio]Navarro - Future Nature [raam009] - Navarro
navarro from paris (.fr) returns with a brilliant second visit from paris to realaudio.ch. implementing voices and his own piano playing gives navarro's music another special "bouquet". after his highly acclaimed album "please, sit down" he composed a soft and warm follow up. continuing his path on the "french melange" of field recordings with synthetic sounds. music we all like to listen to, when imagining a future in harmony with nature..
Keywords: Ambient
Downloads: 4,981 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Navarro - Please, Sit Down [raam005] - Navarro
navarro from paris (.fr) melts nature sounds with digital ambience into melodic tunes, that generate a french atmosphere of "savoir vivre". besides his studies in anthropology, specialising in history of ideas and religion, he studied electroacoustics and concrete music at cnr (conservatoire national de région). he composed for different art projects, the videogame laracroft and various exhibitions supported by the fonds national d'arts contemporains (fnac), which were shown all over the world...
Downloads: 5,303 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]66 - Alexandre Navarro
Rainy day drify all day
Downloads: 32
[texts]Automorphisms of classical geometries in the sense of Klein - Alberto Navarro
In this note, we compute the group of automorphisms of Projective, Affine and Euclidean Geometries in the sense of Klein. As an application, we give a simple construction of the outer automorphism of S_6.
Downloads: 2
[audio]Un Paradis - Alexandre Navarro

Downloads: 29
[texts]Lovelock's theorem revisited - Alberto Navarro
Let (X, g) be an arbitrary pseudo-riemannian manifold. A celebrated result by Lovelock gives an explicit description of all second-order natural (0,2)-tensors on X, that satisfy the conditions of being symmetric and divergence-free. Apart from the dual metric, the Einstein tensor of g is the simplest example. In this paper, we give a short and self-contained proof of this theorem, simplifying the existing one by formalizing the notion of derivative of a natural tensor.
Downloads: 17
[movies]Castle Rock 2010 Rodeo - Daryl Navarro
Rodeo at Castle Rock, ColoradoMore information about this show available at: Denver Open Media
Keywords: Sports
Downloads: 143
[audio]A part of the Homeless Bones first work titled No More Yoghourt In The Freezer - M Navarro
A brown hairy blueyed girl who shooks our heart at de hardware shop in Madrid, Spain
Keywords: Rock; love song
Downloads: 230
[texts]The valued Gabriel quiver of a wedge product and semiprime coalgebras - Gabriel Navarro
We make a first approach to the representation theory of the wedge product of coalgebras by means of the description of its valued Gabriel quiver. Then we define semiprime coalgebras and study its category of comodules by the use of localization techniques. In particular, we prove that, whether its Gabriel quiver is locally finite, any monomial semiprime fc-tame coalgebra is string. We also prove a weaker version of Eisenbud-Griffith theorem, namely, any hereditary semiprime strictly quasi-finit...
Downloads: 1
[texts]2D dilaton gravity made compact - M. Navarro
We show that the equations of motion of two-dimensional dilaton gravity conformally coupled to a scalar field can be reduced to a single non-linear second-order partial differential equation when the coordinates are chosen to coincide with the two scalar fields, the matter field $f$ and the dilaton $\phi$, which are present in the theory. This result may help solve and understand two- and higher-dimensional classical and quantum gravity.
Downloads: 2
[audio]efectividad y matematicas - Mayra Navarro
audio de la presentacion efectividad y matematicas
Keywords: efectividad; motivacion; creencias; y emociones
Downloads: 22
[audio]Wake Up - Carlos Navarro
Demo de la canción del mismo nombre de Carlos Navarro, cantante de The Homeless Bones y que se incluye en el repertorio de la banda
Keywords: Homeless Bones; Rock
Downloads: 29
[audio]Episode 1 Something More - Eric Navarro
Eric Tries Too Hard Podcast Episode 1: Something MorePhil and Tim from Something More drop by to talk local music, pop punk, getting robbed on tour, and crazy stories from the road. Enjoy!
Keywords: pop punk; podcast; something more; eric tries too hard; eric tries
Downloads: 72
[texts]Comments on Good's Proposal for New Rules of Quantization - M. Navarro
In a recent paper \cite{[Good1]} Good postulated new rules of quantization, one of the major features of which is that the quantum evolution of the wave function is always given by ordinary differential equations. In this paper we analyse the proposal in some detail and discuss its viability and its relationship with the standard quantum theory. As a byproduct, a simple derivation of the `mass spectrum' for the Klein-Gordon field is presented, but it is also shown that there is a complete additi...
Downloads: 2
[movies]High School Volleyball - Daryl Navarro
Interview with 5A State Volleyball Champions from Chapparal High SchoolMore information about this show available at: Denver Open Media
Keywords: Sports
Downloads: 120
[audio]9 next - Alexandre Navarro

Downloads: 24
[audio]Intro de noticiero Títulos - Ivana Navarro
Intro de noticiero Títulos
Keywords: Noticiero; ejercicioescolar; titulos
Downloads: 2
[audio]Europe Screaming - Eme Navarro
Isolation growth Came Out into the streets with me Wellcome to my show Open your eyes And tell me wath you see Europe's Screamming................. Gotta Junk Job Europe's Screamming................. We living (in) a Hole Europe's Screamming................. Gotta not money Came into the streets with me Honey ! Living in (a) Democracy It's not enought For you and me Looking for Our Destiny We must fight together Egoism flow and The Earth died day by day Call me by the phone Open your ears and te...
Keywords: The Homeless Bones; rock; copyleft; live music
Downloads: 59
[audio]Vinito e'guarda - Canto de Raíz - Vicencio Navarro
Canción del disco Canto de Raíz. Autor: Vicencio Navarro
Keywords: Vinito_e'guarda
Downloads: 26
[texts]Codimension Two Compactifications and the Cosmological Constant Problem - Ignacio Navarro
We consider solutions of six dimensional Einstein equations with two compact dimensions. It is shown that one can introduce 3-branes in this background in such a way that the effective four dimensional cosmological constant is completely independent of the brane tensions. These tensions are completely arbitrary, without requiring any fine tuning. We must, however, fine tune bulk parameters in order to obtain a sufficiently small value for the observable cosmological constant...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Toward a finite-dimensional formulation of Quantum Field Theory - Miguel Navarro
Rules of quantization and equations of motion for a finite-dimensional formulation of Quantum Field Theory are proposed which fulfill the following properties: a) both the rules of quantization and the equations of motion are covariant; b) the equations of evolution are second order in derivatives and first order in derivatives of the space-time co-ordinates; and c) these rules of quantization and equations of motion lead to the usual (canonical) rules of quantization and the (Schr\"odinger) equ...
Downloads: 3
[audio]Hado Navarro - Saint Seiya tribute - Hado Navarro
I took the samples of the dialogues of the Athena's character from the movie "Saint Seiya: Tenkai-hen josô" in five different dubs: portuguese, italian, chinese, spanish and japanese and mixed all of them in one long song.
Keywords: saint seiya; experimental; noise; sound art; samples
Downloads: 36
[audio]Hado Navarro - Anthem of The Universe - Hado Navarro
All national anthems of the planet, including from countries that doesn't exists anymore (russian empire, german nazi, astrohungarian empire, checoslovaquia, etc) and pro independence countries like North Ireland or Scotland. All mixed reverted in this almost 20 minutes song.
Keywords: anthem; universe; mixed; samples; surreal; noise; experimental; music
Downloads: 57 (1 review)
[audio]Mujer - Vicencio Navarro
Keywords: Mujer
Downloads: 165
[texts]Dark Energy, scalar-curvature couplings and a critical acceleration scale - Ignacio Navarro
We study the effects of coupling a cosmologically rolling scalar field to higher order curvature terms. We show that when the strong coupling scale of the theory is on the 10^{-3}-10^{-1}eV range, the model passes all experimental bounds on the existence of fifth forces even if the field has a mass of the order of the Hubble scale in vacuum and non-suppressed couplings to SM fields. The reason is that the coupling to certain curvature invariant acts as an effective mass that grows in regions of ...
Downloads: 3
[audio]Ticket To End - Eme Navarro
Un pacto con el diablo, estreno en directo en la Sala Caracol
Keywords: The Homeless Bones; blues; rock; copyleft
Downloads: 80
[audio]Frenproporex - Marcos Navarro
Una conversacion conmigo mismo tras el paso de los años. En la lluvia encuentro la respuesta.
Keywords: Rock; Private Hell; Hope
Downloads: 90
[audio]Dust - Alexandre Navarro

Downloads: 28
[audio]Geo-Libra - Alexandre Navarro
[audio]24r - 21.Mulheim - Ivan Navarro
19:00-20:00 GMT . Instituto Divorciados . Mulheim, Germany . 21:00-22:00 local time * 24r is a collaborative sound piece by Tsonami&arsomnis where 24 recorders/artists/people around the world record one hour of their soundscapes. All recordings were to be carried out during the same day, September 21st 2011, following GMT standard time, for the day's entire duration.
Keywords: tsonami; arsomnis; soundscape; field recording; sound art
Downloads: 10
[audio]Verde mar - Vicencio Navarro
Keywords: verdemar
Downloads: 365
[audio]Desahogo de invierno - Vicencio Navarro
Disco Ese día
Keywords: 'Desahogo_de_invierno'
Downloads: 66
[audio]Episode 2: Eric Taft - Eric Navarro
Eric Taft is a producer, studio engineer, touring musician, and singer/guitarist for his own band "The Old Line." In this episode Eric talks about being on the other side of the mixing board and his experience and advice for musicians going into the studio. He also tells the story of how we was threatened by the head of a scam record label.Check out his studio at: http://erictaft.com/
Keywords: Pop punk; podcast; eric tries too hard; eric taft; eric navarro; heavyweights; the old line; buzzlounge
Downloads: 62
[texts]Spheres, Deficit Angles and the Cosmological Constant - Ignacio Navarro
We consider compactifications of six dimensional gravity in four dimensional Minkowski or de Sitter space times a two dimensional sphere, S^2. As has been recently pointed out, it is possible to introduce 3-branes in these backgrounds with arbitrary tension without affecting the effective four dimensional cosmological constant, since its only effect is to induce a deficit angle in the sphere. We show that if a monopole like configuration of a 6D U(1) gauge field is used to produce the spontaneou...
Downloads: 1
[audio]Geo-Libra - Alexandre Navarro

Downloads: 35
[texts]Quantum and Classical Fields in the Finite-Dimensional Formalism - Miguel Navarro
The quantization rules recently proposed by M. Navarro (and independently I.V. Kanatchikov) for a finite-dimensional formulation of quantum field theory are applied to the Klein-Gordon and the Dirac fields to obtain the quantum equations of motion of both fields. In doing so several problems arise. Solving these difficulties leads us to propose a new classical canonical formalism, which, in turn, leads us to new, improved rules of quantization...
Downloads: 9
[audio]Crisis alimentaria - santiago navarro
Entrevista sobre crisis alimentaria
Keywords: Economia; Ecologia; Crisis; Impacto ambienta; Monocultivos; Movimiento social; Movimiento Indigena; Repreción; Biodiversidad
Downloads: 21
[audio]Sucubus - Eme Navarro
El primer blues de The Homeless Bones. Words: You were born to make me sinner You try me, in my own Sinai But Iâaint got the power of Messiah And it is easy to me fall under your spell You make me down You make me down I knew from the moment that I laid my eyes on you I donât wanna lose, but I going all the way Iâm ready to died for one of your kisses You were born to make me sinner Be careful, the hunter maybe the hunted Remembers your stolen kiss at first sight When I felt tremble your skin...
Keywords: The Homeless Bones; blues; rock; copyleft
Downloads: 55
[audio]Eric Tries Too Hard Episode 3: Carry The Banner - Eric Navarro
Thomas stops by the podcast to talk about his band Carry the Banner. He also reminisces about going to local shows to see All Time Low and he and Eric discuss how the MD music scene has changed over the years. Also: lots of songwriting and band promotion discussion.
Keywords: Pop punk; eric navarro; carry the banner; heavyweights; podcast; eric tries too hard; cats
Downloads: 33
[audio]Hado Navarro Noooo Muuuuzzziiikk - Hado Navarro
saint seiya tribute playlist rescenix musix
Keywords: saint seiya noise tribute
Downloads: 6
[texts]Infinitesimal deformations of the model $\mathbb{Z}_3$-filiform Lie algebra - Rosa Navarro
In this work it is considered the vector space composed by the infinitesimal deformations of the model $\mathbb{Z}_3$-filiform Lie algebra $L^{n,m,p}$. By using these deformations all the $\mathbb{Z}_3$-filiform Lie algebras can be obtained, hence the importance of these deformations. The results obtained in this work together to those obtained in [Integrable deformations of nilpotent color Lie superalgebras, J...
Downloads: 1
[texts]Some remarks on localization in coalgebras - Gabriel Navarro
We analyze the geometry of the Ext-quiver of a coalgebra $C$ in order to study the behavior of simple and injective $C$-comodules under the action of the functors associated to a localizing subcategory of the category of $C$-comodules.
Downloads: 3
[audio]Verde mar en vivo - Vicencio Navarro
Disco Ese día
Keywords: 'Verde_mar_en_vivo'
Downloads: 18
[texts]Phenomenology of low-scale supersymmetry breaking models - Ignacio Navarro
In this letter we consider the distinctive phenomenology of supersymmetric models in which the scale of SUSY breaking is very low, \sqrt{F}= O(TeV), focusing on the Higgs sector and the process of electroweak breaking. Using an effective Lagrangian description of the interactions between the observable fields and the SUSY breaking sector, it is shown how the conventional MSSM picture can be substantially modified...
Downloads: 3
[movies]saharauis, la mirada en el exilio baja - Toni Navarro
Saharauis, la mirada en el exilio año 2009. Rodado en los campamentos de refugiados saharauis de Argelia y Tifariti (territorio liberado). El autor en sus multiples entrevistas profundiza en la realidad de este pueblo, es un documento fiel que da la oportunidad de expresarse a los refugiados, asi­ como a diferentes personas implicadas.
Keywords: saharauis
Downloads: 177
[audio]El verdadero mesias en el zocalo nacional - Vicencio Navarro
Cancion Inedita
Keywords: 'El veradero mesias en el Zocalo Nacional'
Downloads: 114
[audio]7º Famosos Desconocidos - Vicencio navarro
VICENCIO NAVARRO, MANUEL HUERTA Y PAOLA JOSEFINA en la 7º versión de Famosos Desconocidos, Ciclo de cantautores y poetas.
Keywords: trova; musica; cantautor; vicencio
Downloads: 64
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